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Comments on CHEAP — THE BI BLOG

CHEAP — THE BI BLOG – As always, Bi Blog provides two different takes on their current post concerning the concept of CHEAP. While Jacob's half is poignant in how it describes the consequences of building cheaply even when it was with good intentions. Thom's thoughts on CHEAP, however, are more aspirational and thought provoking. Thom questions why contemporary Architecture seems fraught with expensive formal devices over the careful balancing material excess with other resources equally as important, such as space. It is a good question, but one that must be asked carefully, while heading the implicit warning in Jacob's post.


TITUS IN PRINCIPLE « LEBBEUS WOODS – In his discussion of Anthony Titus’s recent work, Lebbeus Woods argues that an architecture of expression stemming from a “personal creative ethos” is what is needed in contemporary architecture. It certainly isn’t a surprise that Wood’s values such an enterprise as his own career can be seen as a manifesto for exactly that theory of practice.

Titus’s work itself are constructive pieces of canvas, wood and paint. Something akin to a painting, but showing also an idea of the process of construction and a situation of site.

While certainly not innovative, like Woods, I admire the complexity and affectation that they invoke with their simple methods. There is a certain ambiguity of purpose that much like Woods work, creates an uncertainty in the viewer.

While I disagree with Woods that personal expressive vision is what the field Architecture needs today, it is hard to deny that such methods hold something worth exploring by at least some of the field.