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TITUS IN PRINCIPLE « LEBBEUS WOODS – In his discussion of Anthony Titus’s recent work, Lebbeus Woods argues that an architecture of expression stemming from a “personal creative ethos” is what is needed in contemporary architecture. It certainly isn’t a surprise that Wood’s values such an enterprise as his own career can be seen as a manifesto for exactly that theory of practice.

Titus’s work itself are constructive pieces of canvas, wood and paint. Something akin to a painting, but showing also an idea of the process of construction and a situation of site.

While certainly not innovative, like Woods, I admire the complexity and affectation that they invoke with their simple methods. There is a certain ambiguity of purpose that much like Woods work, creates an uncertainty in the viewer.

While I disagree with Woods that personal expressive vision is what the field Architecture needs today, it is hard to deny that such methods hold something worth exploring by at least some of the field.

Comments on Video: life-altering 3D projection gets splashed on German building

Video: life-altering 3D projection gets splashed on German building – An amazing video projection on the surface of a building that challenges one’s perception of the building’s form and architectural intention. The projection entitled “How it would be, if a house was dreaming” dissolves the very architecture that it is projected on, creating new architectures that shift and change as the video progresses.

Comments on Richard Box | Interactive Architecture dot Org

Richard Box | Interactive Architecture dot Org – An installation of 1301 fluorescent light bulbs powered by the electric field of a high voltage power line that crosses over the site is impressive in its ability to reveal the hidden world of the electromagnetic radiation that permeates the world around us.  While visually reminding me of Walter De Maria’s lightning field at sunset/sunrise, this installation takes the place making abilities of De Maria’s piece one step further.

Comments on Instruction Art | Build Blog

Instruction Art | Build Blog – Build Blog discusses a art piece by William Anastasi that is a simple set of instructions to create a shallow notch in common drywall surfaces, the demolished mess of dust to be left in a pile at the bottom. The piece is effective because of its ability to be created nearly anywhere due to the ubiquitous use of gypsum board but also the singular condition it creates in such a common field. Like Architecture, the piece is just a set of instructions for producing a specified result, yet the simplicity of that result leaves the piece open to the context around it, making it more interesting than many buildings that try to purely project their presence onto those around them.

Comments on Ai Weiwei: Surgeon of Space, by Geoff Manaugh

Ai Weiwei: Surgeon of Space, by Geoff Manaugh – Ai Weiwei's show of four collections of furniture at Phillips de Pury & Company in London is accompanied by this essay by Geoff Manaugh. Manaugh's discussion of Ai Weiwei's work is interesting in its ability to imagine new worlds projected out from Ai Weiwei's distortions on furniture. Like Manaugh's essay on his own blog, BLDGBLOG, Manaugh's writing takes a fresh, nuanced look at his subject. Ai Weiwei's work in turn is a fresh and nuanced look at traditional Chinese furniture. In several pieces he takes a traditional piece and disassembles it to using its internal logic constructs a piece of furniture distorted from its original intentions. They are fascinating pieces in their ability to focus space around the furniture that everyday furniture can't seem to do.