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Comments on Lytro’s new light field camera lets you focus after you take a picture

Lytro’s new light field camera lets you focus after you take a picture – An amazing new camera that captures “light fields” instead of 2D pictures. A light field includes depth of field and exposure information so it can be dynamically altered. In theory, one should be able to recreate the 3D objects projected through the field from the photo.

The implications for Architectural Visualization are immense.  In its basic form, it would allow one to take a photo, import it into modeling software that would generate a 3D model with mappings.  From there it would be easy to insert new rendered objects.

I really look forward to seeing where this technology goes.

Comments on Instruction Art | Build Blog

Instruction Art | Build Blog – Build Blog discusses a art piece by William Anastasi that is a simple set of instructions to create a shallow notch in common drywall surfaces, the demolished mess of dust to be left in a pile at the bottom. The piece is effective because of its ability to be created nearly anywhere due to the ubiquitous use of gypsum board but also the singular condition it creates in such a common field. Like Architecture, the piece is just a set of instructions for producing a specified result, yet the simplicity of that result leaves the piece open to the context around it, making it more interesting than many buildings that try to purely project their presence onto those around them.